Sheela Gandhi
Sheela Gandhi
Astrologer and Palmist with uncannily accurate Horoscopes


Sheela comes from families of Astrologers.She has two degrees in Law(LLB and LLM).After two near death experiences she left her job in legal field and works full time as an Astrologer.Sheela has more then four decades of experience in the field of Astrology and Palmistry.

Sheela specialises in working out the karmic planets which causes blockages,upheaval and chaos in ones’ lives.This leads to forecasts in Astrology charts not materialising even though the predictions were there for great success.Sheela uses vedic astrology mantras and remedies to rectify and reduce the malefic effects of the karmic planets.

The Remedies can be talismans which are small copper plates on which energisations are done through fire and mantras.This energisation is the best form of protection and can be worn in small silver lockets around your neck.There are also yantras made and energised once again through Fire and mantras prescribed by Sages thousands of years ago.There are different yantras for different planets and for different purpose.These remedies can be energised for weeks to make them very powerful and good for protection against effects of malefic planets and the fallout from them.

The remedies are worked out from one’s horoscopes and individually prepared. Also the success and the outcome of the remedies will depend purely on the following:karma carried forward from previous lives,how much karma you are accumulating in present lives and penance. Even thoughts can create karma. So doing remedies alone does not guarantee success in one’s life if behaviour,actions and thoughts do not change.

Sheela charges £35 for basic 30 minutes vedic astrology reading or palmistry reading. Sheela also does combined readings for £50 which lasts for 50 minutes. Payments are only through debit or credit cards. Sheela does not accept cash for readings or remedies for security reasons. Bookings are prebooked and paid in advance. Bank transfers are acceptable if required for payments for readings and remedies.

One can book through our telephone line number which is 0208150070. you can ALSO contact us on our email address which is:-

Sheela has excellent written reviews which can be shown in person.Sheela does not see anyone without preaaranged bookings.

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